Why local businesses rely on LoyalBlocks to get the patronage of new customers

Why local businesses rely on LoyalBlocks to get the patronage of new customers


LoyalBlocks is a highly advanced loyalty marketing solution for brick and mortar businesses and their customers which allows business owners to create and manage customer loyalty programs to reward people for patronage and encourage repeat sales. Available worldwide, it’s the first ever fully automatic check-in experience specifically tailored for customers. LoyalBlocks replaces the loyalty customer punch card, which is often forgotten or thrown away, by working automatically through a customer’s smartphone.

The application’s verifying data is stored on mobile phones and a central POS terminal so that loyalty benefits accrue automatically, taking advantage of the Bluetooth network on one’s mobile phone. By automating and streamlining a restaurant’s loyalty program, merchants are much more likely to achieve their marketing goals. The application recognizes returning customers, displays targeted promotions and menu suggestions, communicates information about upcoming seasonal menu changes, and rewards loyalty with discounts and freebies.

 Restaurants Derive Many Benefits From Using LoyalBlocks

Social media and mobile marketing increasingly affect the restaurant industry and local searches for information and products. As technology and marketing are becoming more and more spun together, small restaurants often lack the resources to commission special applications and rewards programs for their businesses. Old marketing issues still persist. Customers lose punch cards, receipts and other physical validations, but mobile phones offer the ideal way to store guest-experience histories so that even the smallest neighborhood restaurants can maintain a social presence, personalize rewards and marketing, and get people to actually use the programs.

  • LoyalBlocks enables restaurant owners to customize smart punch cards to reward customers automatically.
  • Customers understand that they will receive an incentive by walking in the door.
  • Special campaigns can target slow hours to increase business and keep staff busy.
  • Customers can earn further rewards by recommending a restaurant to their friends and contacts on Facebook.

All restaurants need to do to participate is to register at LoyalBlocks, install a Loyal Blocks base station in the restaurant (which is sent by Loyal Blocks), and start recruiting guests for the program. Customers can download a free application for their mobile phones and use their devices to get custom-tailored rewards, advertising and information (after enabling BlueTooth).

Businesses love LoyalBlocks

Get people walking through your door, drive sales, pick up slow hours and increase social media exposure

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