How Businesses can get on TV

How Businesses can get on TV

Are you a small business owner who wants to get on TV? 

Imagine what being on a daytime talk show could do for your businesses brand. 

Guess what? 

It’s really not that difficult!

Here’s step by step instructions and tips on how you can get on TV for your business.

I attended another networking event with Key Person of Influence and we got a live tour of national talk-show Daytime T.V. and heard from the producer, sales team and nationally recognized show host Cyndi Edwards. Media mentor Topher Morrison of KPI once again did an amazing job interviewing Cyndi and the others to help us learn step by step how to get on TV. Afterwards we all got to network with them and really get the answers we all want answered.

First here’s what absolutely blew my mind.

Over 40%+ of talk shows guest have PAID to be interviewed.

If you really want to get your business on national TV, you can just pay. Ad revenue is so low today, you can pay to have your business interviewed for 2-4 minutes on National TV.

The average cost: $2,000 – $10,000 depending on how many times you’d like to be interviewed.

They recommended that for TV to be effective you need to be on often and not just once. Being on TV once may be good to use as credibility on your website to say “As Seen On” blah blah blah station, but it won’t drive sales. You need to get your business on repetitively and it will pay off.

They shared how a local financial planner and realtor were both crushing it entrepreneurially with leads because of being on air, but that it took being on the show many times for it to work. They recommended that if you don’t have the budget for more than one interview that you’re not going to get the results you want and you’d be better trying to work with the producer to get on for free (if you can add value which we’ll talk about in a moment). 

I was blown away to learn that even some of the top non-profit donation organizations like theSalvation Army buy tons of air time to be interviewed during the holiday season. Crazy right? 

How to Get TV Producers Attention

Be Differentunique-selling-prop

Why are you different than every other individual that does what you do?

For instance, she mentioned how often she get emails from Life Coaches trying to get on the show. There are 10,000++++ other Life Coaches that do exactly what you do. Stand out and be relevant to what their viewers want to hear. Remember it’s not about you or your business, it’s about the viewers getting great entertainment so they continue to watch the show. 

Be Brief

If you’re going to email a producer with a reason why you should be on the show, get to the point fast. 

This isn’t a college thesis and they get 100’s of emails a day. 

Make your email 2 paragraphs MAX and make it benefit driven for their audience. 

Know their Audience

Know who their audience is that watches the show and make sure it’s worth not only their time having you on to entertain or educate, but also your time. Some businesses might be better focusing on one networks audience vs. another.

Be Relevant

Be relevant to what’s going on in the news and how you might add something of value.

For instance, an individual in the room with us had recently wrote a book on his battle with attempting suicide. They mentioned how with the holidays approaching and suicide typically being higher during that time, if he approached them with that spin and some value he could bring to the audience, he’d have a better chance being on air.  


Remember that producers are getting tons of request a day. Build a relationship with the producer by not always asking, but maybe refer someone of value to them. You’ll stand out because next time you ask to be interviewed they’ll have a much greater open mind than if you’re always asking about you. 


Consider hiring a publicist that already has connections with producers. 

Topher strongly agreed how powerful this is and said how his publicist Bruce Serbin had helped him out because of all Bruce’s relationships. When he mentioned Bruce’s name the talk show’s producer knew him and said she will always read his emails. 


I asked if they used HARO and though they don’t personally frequently as a station, they agreed it was useful. I can attest that using HARO I’ve gotten clients on Dr. OZ and many other media placement and its extremely powerful. 

Tips on Being Interviewed


Nothing can be more humiliating than coming on national talk show TV and freezing. Practice what you’d like to get across to the viewers with friends and family. 

Make sure to keep it natural and try not to memorize it. She mentioned that host like getting a list of 3-5 key questions you’d like asked, so that they can make it as easy for you as possible. 

1 Topic

You’ve only got 2-4 minutes of air time so try to only focus on one topic. Trying to cover to much won’t work and it’ll be to much for the viewers. 

Tell Stories

People love hearing stories and it makes for great entertainment on air. Consider sharing a story about a customer and a success they had because of doing business with your company. This will really resonate well with viewers. 


Try to bring props. If you’re a bakery, bring some food. Pictures or displays can work real well and help viewers enjoy your slot much more. 

Right Individual 

If you’re too nervous being interviewed, find someone in your company that can represent you well. Again you have under 4 minutes and whether you’ve paid to be on or are getting free press, make it count! 

Ignore the Room

Most studios will have huge camera’s that can be intimidating to many. Look at the show host and not the camera. 

Be relaxed and have a conversation. They do their best to make it easy, but remember you only have one shot to make a first impression with the audience so make it count. Guests that give great interviews are often called back for free! 


So you can see to get on TV for your business its truly not that difficult. Stand out, be unique and think about how you can help their audience with something relevant to whats going on in the news. If you decide you’d rather pay to be on air, make sure that you have a budget to be on air 4-6 times minimum and that you come prepared to entertain. 

If you’re looking for help in massively growing your business lets connect. 

Wishing you Entrepreneurial Successes!

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