7 Entrepreneurs Share Ways How To Grow Your Business

7 Entrepreneurs Share Ways How To Grow Your Business

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Below 7 entrepreneurs share creative ways how to grow your business as an entrepreneur. How To Grow Your Business

You’ll see that each has a different unique strategy that has been effective for them and that there are many ways you can go about growing a business.

I’m a big believer in each of the mentioned marketing strategies below and particularly a huge proponent of word of mouth marketing.

Each business I’ve ever grown to over million dollars has only been able to do that with the support of great employees and customers who spread the word.

Check out these 7 entrepreneurs strategies and leave a comment below with which ones resonated with you the most or if you have a completely different strategy that works best for you.

7 Entrepreneurs Share Creative Ways To Grow Your Business 

Linda Galindo | Accountability Consultant | Linda Galindo 

F O C U S and say “NO”

If you are all things to all people then you get lost in the noise. If someone calls and asks if I do “time management” or “cranky executive” coaching, even though I could, I don’t. I am about one thing and one only — accountability.

That has resulted in making decisions to take only that work so I had to “give up to get”.

Really tough to do, but it has completely paid off in “being known for the person who knows about accountability education, coaching, keynotes, author, etc.” I am also trusted to refer to the right person or firm if what they are asking for isn’t what I do. That results in even more referrals!

Scary when you own your own business and you are going to turn work down, but that’s when the magic will happen in your business.

Barry Maher | Author & Speaker | Barry Maher

As a professional speaker, I’m in an industry where other speakers can easily spend $100,000 or more per year on marketing and commissions, I spend virtually nothing.

Word of mouth and repeat business keeps my calendar full, and also allow me to keep my fees down, since they cost me nothing. And I am managing to do that by following a very simple strategy that too few companies ever try.

I simply try to do the best possible job for the customers I do have. There’s no marketing anywhere nearly as powerful as a satisfied client (Or as cheap). What’s more, your best clients are likely to recommend you to businesses that are similar to their own.

So you’ll get more the of customers you want the most.

Amanda Kerr | Owner | BookBuzz

Our best strategy for keeping our business fully booked is to stay  involved with our industry through events, associations, and newsletters. When clients see that we are participating in discussions  about book promotions and the publishing industry they feel more  confident that we know our industry and that translates into sales.

Attend Industry and Networking Events:

When we attend industry events such as Book Expo, the Miami Bookfair and  Bookseller Association conferences, we are able to not only meet prospective clients, but we can also meet with other companies and create partnerships to increase sales for both companies. We also place co-op ads in major magazines such as Bookmarks, The Strand, and Mystery  Scene Magazine which gets our name, logo and our client’s books into the hands of potential buyers.

Join Associations and Participate:

We are members of several book related associations and this helps us reach our market and our colleagues. For example, we are members of the Independent Book Publishers Association and stay on top of our industry through their newsletters, magazine, and Twitter. We are able to reach other members and offer our services to their members. This aids in sales and knowledge.

Being involved as much as possible in your industry will not only give you more knowledge about your industry, but it will let potential clients know that you are working hard in and for your industry and this will always translate into consistent sales, which for us means being fully booked.

Brian Carter | Author, Speaker & Consultant | The Carter Group

What we do (to get consulting and speaking gigs) is a combination of things to help us grow our business:

For awareness and the top of the funnel:

  1. Blogging- and sometimes our blogging communicates our capabilities or accomplishments while we talk about something else of immediate interest.
  2. Posting those posts on Twitter and Facebook, promoting those posts with Facebook ads to the kinds of people that buy our services. Constantly testing different ads to drive the cost down on this and drive the reach up.
  3. Google AdWords for Video to show my speaking video as a YouTube pre-roll ad to specific categories of prospects.
  4. Content marketing like ebooks that require joining an email list to get the material
  5. Pop-ups to get people on our regular mailing list. Constantly testing the opt-in message to increase the percentage of people who opt-in.
  6. Also publicity like HARO.

To stay top of mind:

Retargeting ads to people who’ve been to our website in the past. We also regularly show different ads to the people
who’ve been on our services pages (those people were close to buying or contacting us).

Because events and other needs can be annual, we try to stay on their radar for at least 90-180 days.

Nathan Gotch | CEO | Gotch SEO, LLC

Nothing, and I repeat nothing, will beat the consistent leads you get from ranking well in Google or other search engines. These leads coming during business hours and even while you’re sound asleep in your bed. But ranking well in search engines is only a small piece of the equation. To truly have your business fully booked, you have to capture as many leads as possible on your website.

As a service-based business, there are only a few types of scenarios that you want when a potential client visits your site:

A) They call you direct

B) They enter their information in a contact form (intel gathering)

C) They sign up for your targeted email list.

8 Step Formula to Keeping My Businesses “Pipeline” Full at All Times:

  1. Write super informative, valuable, and actionable information on my blog. This establishes me as an authority in the industry and builds trust and rapport.
  2. Rank well in Google for profitable terms in my industry. Only target keywords that will send qualified leads to my site. Example: “city + SEO company” – this applies to any industry. “property management company + city”, “city + personal injury lawyer”, etc.
  3. Secure emails and contact information by providing a stellar resource. Offer a resource (incentive to join email list) that educates the client and helps them make an informed decision. For example, if I’m trying to educate a prospect who found me through Google by searching “city + SEO company”, I would offer them a resource such as “How to Avoid 4 Known SEO Scams” or “8 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an SEO Company”. This not only helps them make a informed decision, but it also builds massive rapport for my business, establishes us as the authority, and puts us lightyears ahead of the competition who are too lazy to create such a resource.
  4. Continue to educate the prospect through highly informative content to build trust and rapport. Flood the prospects with overwhelming value without asking for anything in return (to build goodwill)
  5. Prospects contact ME to become a client because I’ve shown that I’m an authority in the industry and have the results to back it (social proof).
  6. Do amazing work and live up to expectations
  7. Have happy clients who promote your business without you asking by
    sending you amazingly high converting referrals
  8. Rinse and repeat

The process sends my business leads on autopilot and the resources I’ve made continue to have an impact forever.

To be clear, SEO is just a vehicle for getting the prospects, but you need to put forth the effort to have a great website, to educate your prospects, and to develop a solid sales funnel to get the consistent conversions. Yes, this process requires hard work, but it pays off when you check your emails in the morning and there’s leads waiting for you.

Benjamin L. Luftman | Attorney | Luftman, Heck & Associates, LLP

If you’re wondering how to grow your business, here’s what we found very helpful.

We invested in a content rich website that is optimized for mobile and tablet users, and this is something I would highly recommend for any business.

As a business, you need to be available whenever your customers need you, and in the criminal defense world, this can mean late hours or weekends.

Our staff is accessible 24/7 to help people through live chat, phone, and text. Being available has helped us answer questions and provide valuable defense help right on the spot when people need it most. Because we are reliable and accessible, we are successful at obtaining business and keeping our schedules full.

Lauren Carelli | Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist | Blushing Brides

As far as keeping a business fully booked, my first thought is always word of mouth.

It’s also important to take it one step further and ensure positive word of mouth — not all publicity is good publicity.

Being sure to represent yourself and the brand you have created through your professionalism, general demeanor, and appearance are huge especially in the beauty industry. You can do amazing work, but if you don’t own it, you won’t be remembered as the full package.

Social media is also a huge key in self promotion, but again, needing to go that extra step with making yourself stand out and being aware of what everyone else is showing on their social media accounts.

Trying to keep yourself a step ahead of what you can call your competition is one of the best ways to not only draw in new clientele, but to keep them happy and interested. If your main competitor posts on Facebook only once a week, but you keep your page full of client photos, special offers and actionable advice, you’ll definitely have more success keeping your business booked.


Now it’s your turn.

Share below which strategy above or one not mentioned has worked best for you in helping you grow your business?

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