5 Ways to Connect with Active Yelpers Who Do Business With You

5 Ways to Connect with Active Yelpers Who Do Business With You

by Kayla Henricks, Reputation Management Specialist Original post @ DrivingSales 

Have you tried to look for new ways to get connected to the Yelp community? Of course you’ve already polished up your Yelp listing by adding photos, a business description and maybe even a check-in offer. Now get your staff involved and you will be well on your way to attracting new customers! You simply need a user login on Yelp.com to get started (This is separate from your Business Owner Account you use to log into biz.yelp.com).

Below are five ways you can connect with active Yelpers who do business with your dealership.

1. Yelp Events: Share your dealership events with the Yelp Community
Yelp features a wide assortment of local events in your community. Why not post your dealership’s events on Yelp to share them with a broader audience? Head over to the “Events” tab located on the navigation menu to post your next event or browse the wide variety of events going on in your community. You may want to get involved and perhaps partner with local organizations to get some visibility for your dealership. You can also browse popular Yelp community events and hang out with some of Yelp’s Elite users at outstanding venues!

For example, every year, one of our local Seattle dealerships partners with Seattle Met Magazine to host a Celebrity Steak-Out event. This is a philanthropic event featuring an auction and steak dinner with special celebrity servers. This is a great example of an event that can be featured on Yelp. Posting events that your dealership is hosting or participating in will encourage customers and Yelpers to attend the event. It will also bring a little extra attention to your Yelp Listing getting your dealership some exposure to active members of the Yelp community. These are the folks that are most likely writing Yelp reviews.


2. Share a Review: Share a dealership review on Facebook, Twitter, or Email it to a friend/customer

Sharing reviews across other dealership social media platforms is a great way to get more activity on your Yelp listing. You can share positive feedback and stories with your followers, and every time they re-share the review it brings even more opportunity to drive traffic back to your Yelp Listing.

Some examples of responses a dealer may want to highlight and share include those from long time and loyal customers, examples of when your dealership went above and beyond to help your customers, or customer mentions of a specific employee or feature of your dealership. Using the “Share Review” feature makes it easy for your dealership to post fresh contentfrom trusted and valued customers in order to keep your pages active.


3. Compliment: Tell your customer you appreciate their time, story or feedback in their review
If you find a review that is helpful or funny, be sure to keep the positivity going! Let the reviewer know you appreciate them taking the time to share their story by complimenting them. Complimenting reviewers of your dealership is another way to encourage them to keep writing! Check out some of the comments reviewers are leaving for other local businesses – maybe the favorite lunch spot of dealership staff. See something you like? Give them a compliment and let them know if you’re a fan of that local spot too.

4. Send a Message: Build relationships and communicate with customers on Yelp privately
Build relationships with your current customers and initiate conversations with potential customers using Yelp Private Messaging. This feature is a great way for your dealership to:

  • Connect with friends and customers
  • Ask questions or address concerns on specific reviews
  • Get extra tips and tricks on business’ and local events other Yelpers have attended
  • Invite others to your Yelp Events or attend them with you



Yelp messaging works just like an email. You can read, manage and reply to your messages under the Messages tab in the navigation toolbar.


5. Follow: Get to Know Your Favorite Customers
Make sure to keep tabs on your dealership’s customers who are active on Yelp. Keeping an eye on customers who have left reviews for your dealership or other local businesses will allow your sales and service staff to encourage them to “check in” or share their story on your listing the next time they visit the dealership. Following reviewers will encourage them to follow you back.



There are so many ways to get your dealership involved on Yelp. It’s time to start getting connected! Have you tried any of these ideas? Have any more? Let us know!

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