5 Apps For Local Merchants To Manage Loyalty Programs

5 Apps For Local Merchants To Manage Loyalty Programs

By Dianna Dilworth

loyalblocks image for loyalpages blogBig box retailers and chain restaurants have been doing a great job at letting shoppers get points and loyalty benefits using branded smartphone apps. But what about the little guys?

There are a number of apps that work with local merchants on loyalty programs to help indie bookstores, coffee shops, and local restaurants reward their loyal customers and bring the punchcard mentality to the mobile phone.

We’ve put together a list of these apps, with a description of the company and links to their services. It’s a great resource for both small business owners and shoppers who like to support their neighborhood businesses.

1LoyalBlocks: “LoyalBlocks provides location-based loyalty solutions for small businesses using presence-detection software that identifies loyalty club members automatically as they walk into a store. With LoyalBlocks, business owners can transform their customers’ mobile devices into loyalty cards and provide them with incentives as they walk-in. LoyalBlocks requires no unique hardware – any Android tablet or handset can function as a base station – and business owners can be up and running with a fully customized loyal program in minutes.”

2Belly: “Belly is a universal loyalty program that customers can take with them anywhere! We’re spreading the love to your favorite places, enabling you to earn rewards wherever you go. Whether it’s your morning cup of Joe or late-night beard trim and hair cut, Belly is there.”

3. LevelUp: “Levelling up is a normal action in games but we can actually use the same concept in real-life shopping too. With LevelUp in their iPhone or Android phone, customers can scan QR codes at their favorite shops to eventually unlock special savings, if they go back often enough.

Apart from that, there is no need to carry around loyalty cards that are brand-specific, or cash for that matter. You can pay for your purchases straight from your smartphone.

4SpotOn: “SpotOn offers a consumer-facing loyalty platform and a merchant-facing marketing machine. For consumers, SpotOn eliminates the need to carry multiple punch cards with a seamless digital check-in to access rewards and perks. Using SpotOn’s tablet-based dashboard, merchants now have an entirely new and simple way to connect with their customers using social, mobile, and email marketing. With one click, merchants can learn more about their customers by viewing typical spend and campaign redemption activity.”

5Perka: “Perka is a cardless loyalty system that works on your phone. It lets local merchants give special treatment to their regular customers. Perka is a customer loyalty app that’s as fast and familiar as an old-fashioned paper punch card. Check into a participating spot, introduce yourself by name at the counter, and collect stamps for your purchases. The more you visit, the better perks you’ll get.”

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